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atchafalaya fox

owner/founder jeri Hilt

creative direction & production

atchafalaya fox is a boutique production company & platform specializing in mixed-media & integrated art forms. we partner with visionaries, business owners, artists, organizational leaders, healers, and more to produce transformational art - content. our work centers strategic-creative visibility, spiritual wellness & the advancement of radically free communities of color. we share an unwavering commitment to the natural world and the ecological environments that sustain all forms of life.

jeri hilt is a creative director & art producer engaged in environmental restoration & advocacy, cultivation & radical-sustainability, and Afro-Indigenous political initiatives. much of her work is regionally specific to the coastal wetlands. her art has been featured by the House of Black Infinity, Soul Shifting [Retreats], Afropunk, Imago Mundi, UPenn Museum, Bitch Media and the New Orleans Loving Festival.

she is a former lecturer of Africana Studies at Tennessee State and Dillard Universities; and has worked with education, research, and political policy initiatives in South Sudan, Kenya, Burundi, and the United Kingdom.

SELECT partners

Mos Chukma Healing Arts Institute / Black Sex Workers Visibility / Soul Shifting Healing Retreats / Mutha Naked /

Infinite (I)ntell / WARROOM /ReVerse Bullets /

Bloom Writing Retreat / Womb Spa 


WHET / San Pedro / Shreveport / 2020

JERICHO / Gulf Shores / 2019

House of Black Infinity / Philadelphia / 2018

oDe To NaMibiA / New Orleans / 2018

Penn Museum- Solstice /Philadelphia /2018

Spectrum [digital premiere] / Shreveport / 2017 

SUPREMACY [premiere] / Puerto Lopez / 2017

Sesen Ovation / New Orleans / 2016

Mixed Company /New Orleans / 2015 

imago mundi / New Orleans / 2015

Mixed Messages / New Orleans / 2014

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